Department of Economics and Management
Department of Transportation and Logistics Management


Tourism Management Program
Logistics Management Program
International Business Program
Transportation Program
Financial Management Program


Dean’s Office                                       Room 214  Rihua Building

Office of Secretary of Party General Branch          Room 203 Rihua Building

Office of Academic Division                          Room 215 Rihua Building

Administration Office                                Room 212 Rihua Building

Office of Educational Administration                 Room 204 Rihua Building

Office of Student Affairs                            Room 206 Rihua Building

Office of Tourism Management                         Room 207 Rihua Building

Office of International Business                     Room 205 Rihua Building

Office of Financial Management                       Room 209 Rihua Building

Office of Logistics Management                       Room 213 Rihua Building

Office of Transportation                             Room 211 Rihua Building

Office of Archives                                   Room 401 Rihua Building


Foreign Trade Documents Laboratory                                Room 216   Rihua Building

Sim Trade Import and Export Trading Simulation Laboratory         Room 216   Rihua Building

Logistics Informatization Laboratory                              Room 217 Room 221   Rihua Building

Modern Transportation and Logistics Simulation Laboratory         Room 217 Room 221   Rihua Building

UFIDA ERP Experiment Center                                       Room 222   Rihua Building

Computerized Accounting Laboratory                                Room 222   Rihua Building

Rail Transportation System Simulation Laboratory                  Room 224 Room 226   Rihua Building

Business Training Room

The First Floor   Rihua Building

E-commerce Entrepreneurship Education Center            Room 111   Room 116   Rihua Building



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