The goal of logistics management program is to cultivate compound and applied management talents with development in an all-round way-morally, intellectually and physically. The students should grasp systematic basic theory of economics and management and master professional knowledge of modern logistics, transportation and information technology and they should possess higher moral and cultural accomplishment. They should have intimate knowledge of logistics operation of enterprise production and management activities and familiar with the relevant laws and regulations and have good spirit of innovation and practical ability and engaged in the production of the enterprise logistics management、 operation and management of logistics enterprises、international logistics management、logistics information management and logistics project planning in the field of logistics management.
   According to the orientation of the development of logistics management major, the students of this major should comply with requirements of the “four haves”: have international vision, have basic knowledge of economics and management, have theoretical knowledge and practical skills of logistics management major and have general knowledge of laws and regulations.
   The cultivation requirements of this major are as follows:

   1. Follow the motto of Tianhua: learning to be a good person; have good moral quality;  To be a good citizen with scientific spirit of innovation, law-abiding, truth-seeking and willingness of cooperation;
   2.Master the basic theory of modern economics and management discipline; have comprehensive basic knowledge structure of management; have strong ability to continue learning and adaptability and able to adapt to new requirements arising from the development of the logistics industry and changes in the modern business environment;
   3. Good command of English in listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating skills, have a strong ability of bilingual skills、interpersonal communication skills、social skills and ability to use advanced foreign textbooks of original version;
   4.Have solid foundation of mathematics、computer science and technology to meet the needs of quantitative analysis and informatization in logistics management;
   5. Master basic theoretical knowledge of supply chain management and logistics management, familiar with supply chain logistics system planning、logistics operation and management; have management ability to engage in business logistics and international logistics business; have capacity of evaluation, selection and improvement of logistics management plan and the preliminary logistics project planning; have the market research skills of logistics;
   6.Have broad international perspective, familiar with domestic and international supply chain and logistics operation and related standards, conventions, laws and policies in aspects of technology, economy and management;
   7. Have the ability of applying knowledge for practice, including comprehensive experiment ability、professional practice ability、and comprehensive ability to discover、analyze and solve problem by their expertise;
   8.Have certain innovation ability, including the ability of critical thinking, creative thinking ability, innovation ability of experiment, entrepreneurship, technology development capability, the ability of scientific research.


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