In order to meet the needs of the market economy for financial analysis and decision-making talents, the development of financial management major is becoming more rapid in China's colleges and universities. According to incomplete statistics, 447 colleges and universities have already set up financial management major, including 17 in Shanghai. The aim of the establishment of financial management major is to innovative and to integrate internationally through construction of curricula systems、teaching concepts、teaching contents、teaching methods and teaching means renewal. The students of this major have promising prospects of employment after graduation. The employers list as follows: securities company、financial investment company、trust investment company. The students can also engaged in advanced financial management work as financial management、investment and financing management operation and financial consulting in economic management sectors in government and banks and various kinds of foreign enterprises. Students can also doing audit work in accounting firms. Therefore, it can be said that financial management major is a boutique major in the business management disciplines.

   Leaders of our School attach great importance to and vigorously support the developments of financial management major. We closely rely on the rich experience in running of this major. We laid the foundation of financial management major by our teachers and experiment conditions plus successful experience of fraternal colleges as reference and the advantages of hinterland of Jiading Industrial Zone as a basis for students’ internship and employment that we have fully utilized.

   The orientation of our college is to build a teaching and application oriented independent college for undergraduates with science and technology and education as the main body, arts and liberal arts and economic management as the two wings. The setting of financial management major is to give priority to the development of advanced manufacturing industry and modern service industry as the orientation and to cultivate technological-oriented senior specialized talents as the goal in order to adapt to the needs for talents from regional economy of Shanghai and major industrial zones and modernized export-oriented enterprises in Yangtze River Delta Region.
   We adding financial management major on the basis of management major、foreign language major and computer major, and forming discipline groups, sharing teaching resources and complying with the School education orientation and professional structure layout. The financial management major adopt investment、financing、fund accommodation、risk management、value appreciation as our characteristics. We cultivate application-oriented financial management talents with all-round development of virtue, intelligence and body and have the knowledge and practice ability of management、economy、foreign language、information and financial management. They should know both preparation and analysis of accounting statements and know well about economic environment、market environment、industry environment and legal environment in order to meet the demand of applied talents from enterprises in Shanghai and surrounding areas.
The direction of financial management major development is to broaden student basic knowledge vigorously and to enhance practical ability on the basis of talents demands of financial enterprises、domestic firms and SMEs.





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