The transportation major is based on rail transportation and caters to integrated transportation and social logistics. We cultivate applied talents with all-round development of virtue, intelligence and body and have basic solid knowledge of mathematics、management、computer、foreign languages、humanities、social sciences、economic management、civil engineering、systems engineering and other engineering technology related knowledge. Students should master basic theory and method of traffic and transportation engineering as well as the knowledge and skills of rail transportation and logistics major and can engage in rail transportation planning、decision-making、organizing、commanding、operation management and logistics enterprise management in the field of technical and business sections of transportation and social logistics related enterprises and institutions.

   The students of this major mainly study basic theory and knowledge in the field of traffic and transportation engineering、management science and engineering disciplines. They receives basic training of transportation equipment application、transit network and the hub planning、organization and management of passenger and freight transport.
   They should grasp the systematic knowledge of performance and application of transportation equipment、planning of transportation system and scheduling of passenger and freight transport organization. They also should have basic ability to use the knowledge to solve practical problems.
   Graduates should acquire the following knowledge and skills:
   1.Follow the motto of Tianhua: learning to be a good citizen; have good moral quality;
To be a good citizen with scientific spirit of innovation, law-abiding, truth-seeking and willingness of cooperation;
   2.Master the basic theory and knowledge of mathematics、physics、computer、traffic and transportation engineering、management science and engineering
   3.Master common technical analysis methods and design methods in the field of traffic and transportation; have the ability of analyzing existing problems in transportation and put forward corresponding solutions and participating in transportation production and operation system design and guarantee stable operation by using according theory comprehensively
   4.Have basic capabilities to engage in traffic transportation planning、organization、operation and management and transportation enterprise production and management
   5.Master basic methods of literature retrieval and information inquiry and have basic capability to acquire new knowledge
   6.Familiar with domestic and foreign technical standards and policies and regulations in the field of transportation and know the trend of transportation development
   7.Have preliminary scientific research and practical work capability and have certain ability of critical thinking
   8.Have strong foreign language proficiency、international perspective and capacity of cross-cultural communication、competition and cooperation



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