1.Goals of cultivation
   The goal of international business major is to cultivate applied talents with international vision, creativity, communication ability, teamwork spirit and grasping basic theory and basic skills of international business and engaged in international trade and other international business operations and management activities in international enterprises. The international business major provides two directions: international trade and international business management.
   2.Core curricula
   Introduction to world economy、Introduction to international business, theory of international trade, international trade practice, international finance, international commercial law, international marketing, multi-national corporation management, E- commerce, international business negotiations
   Eleven full-time teachers, including one professor、one associate professor、 seven lecturers、two assistant teachers. Two teachers with doctoral degree、 one teacher is studying for doctoral degree、three teachers with working experience in enterprises、teachers with master degree or above accounted for 100%.
   4.Teaching with unique characteristics
   We pay special attention to theoretical teaching and cultivating international business talents with profound foundation of theoretical knowledge; we pay attention to strengthening practical teaching and cultivating applied talents proficient in international business practice operational skills; we focuses on development of application ability of students' English listening、speaking、 reading、 writing、 translation and international vision through teaching courses as college English, business English, bilingual courses (theory of international trade, international commercial law, international business documents, foreign trade correspondence) and translation of foreign literature.
   5.Teaching achievements
   - Shanghai key courses: international finance、international trade practice
   - School-level quality course: economics
   Export sales staff qualification certificate、inspection staff qualification certificate、merchandiser qualification certificate、vouching clerk qualification certificate and Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC) .
   International business major is market-oriented, cultivating talents of strong comprehensive ability with four priorities: solid foundation、professional、strong ability and expertise. Those kinds of talents are well adapted to job requirements. The employment rate of graduates is above 90% and well received by employers and many students have become the backbone of the enterprises.



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