In response to our desire to build into a leading business school, the School of Management at Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College is determined to set up an excellent faculty team. To do that, the School is all way out to welcome anyone who believes in themselves to turn into an excellent teacher and has a strong will to contribute to the progress of management education in Tianhua.
   The school attaches great importance on the side of our faculty members in connecting individual career expectations with its mission on development, and accordingly we have been sparing no effort to create a scientific research and teaching environment which most fits into the faculty’s needs to become most productive. We are proud of our prestigious location in such a well-known Chinese metropolis as Shanghai. And also, we take pride in our closely interwoven network with all enterprises that have cooperation with us.
Additionally, the school is trying to build up an environment to cultivate our students to become more competitive in society. Our faculty members have mission and responsibility for their future.

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