Teaching staff is the key to achieving training objectives and to implementing training plans. The School of Management has 32 full-time teachers, including five professors, one associate professor, 20 instructors, and six assistant teachers. All young teachers are graduates from key universities at home and abroad with master’s degree or above, including nine teachers with enterprise (industry) background and six teachers with overseas education background. The qualifications and age structure are reasonable. The title structures are mainly instructors. We attach great importance to the construction of teaching staff team.
   We are optimizing the structure of teaching staff and improving teacher qualifications and abilities through various ways:
   1.Introducing advisor professors
   2.Supporting young teachers studies home and abroad for their doctoral degrees and becomes visiting scholars both home and abroad to keep abreast of academic trends and cutting-edge developments of education and research ideas
   3.Encouraging young teachers training in enterprises for School-Enterprise Cooperation. We have been officially signed an agreement with 41 enterprises
   4.Participating in teaching ability training and various academic and teaching seminars to keep abreast of frontier of discipline and industry and to further improve teaching and research abilities
   5.Organizing lectures for teachers’ career development and planning

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