The School's undergraduate education is aimed to breed management talents who not only meet School's standards but cater to practical needs of Society. Instructed by philosophy of “Integrity” and “Responsibility” in education, the School is committed to students balanced development of “Professionalism,Versatility,and Refinement” as well as the cultivation of competitive human resources who can apply their skills and knowledge well. The requirements of professional competence and skills to the School students are:The capability to master the basic theories and knowledge of their specialties,and to follow the development. Strong professional skills of application to be engaged in special-related work .The capacity to study excellent foreign textbooks .The critical thinking abilities for identifying, questioning and solving problem . The School is to cultivate management talents, who not only command basic theories and skills of management and specialized knowledge in related fields, but also competent in real-world practices.

   We actively participating teaching reform and cultivating students’ self-learning abilities. We have launched a teaching reform of curriculum implementation plan to realize teaching transformation from “teacher-centered” to “student-centered”.
   We are organizing lectures to create academic atmosphere for students. We attach great importance to expand students’ horizons and to optimize knowledge structure and to enhance overall quality of students through academic lectures. Students may master the frontiers of various disciplines both home and abroad and expand their horizons through various lectures.
   We are encouraging and organizing students to participate in various competitions at all levels to enhance their professional skills and employment capabilities. In addition to encourage students to participate in competitions outside the school, we also actively organize competition inside the school to create a platform for students to exercise their professional skills.

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