Tourism management is an emerging discipline arising with the development of economy,It belongs to the secondary discipline under business administration and has a huge room for growth and development . With the globalization of the international economy, the tourism industry is becoming more prosperous. So the requirement of tourism management has also been increasing. There are lots of school has established tourism management specialty now and has certain requirements for the professional ability and quality. The development of international tourism industry can increase foreign exchange receipts, open up new channels for scientific, technological and cultural exchanges across different countries and regions and create conditions to promote understanding and friendship among people all over the world. The development of domestic tourism can create material basis and management experience for international tourism development , expand non-commodity currency withdrawn from circulation and increase capital accumulation for improving the status quo of unbalanced economic and cultural development across regions. The development of tourism industry is also one of the channels to expand the scale of social employment. The tourism industry will continue to develop in high speed along with the development of social productivity, improvement of labor productivity and increase of paid vacation. According to the World Tourism Organization, the domestic and foreign tourists around the world will reach 3 billion each year until the end of twentieth century if the world political and economic situation is not changed drastically. The tourism industry is expected to become one of the most important sectors of the world economy.

   The goal of tourism management major is to cultivate applied talents of both ability and integrity and can adapt to the needs of China's modern economic and social development with strong theoretical knowledge, service consciousness and skills and doing management and business works in tourism enterprises and relevant units.

   The tourism management major provides three directions: foreign tour guides, theme parks and exhibition management.

   The main working areas for graduates are travel agencies, theme parks (especially Shanghai Disneyland), hotels, exhibition companies, etc.


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