Zheng Jingzhu, Factory Director of Amore Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, was Invited by SOM to Conduct Lecture on Essential Qualities of Contemporary College Students

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   Zheng Jingzhu, factory director of Amore Cosmetics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, was invited by SOM to carry out a lecture titled “Essential Qualities of Contemporary College Students” in the morning of October 16, 2015. Director Zheng Jingzhu works in China for more than twenty years and as a Korean he sums up and analyses the deficiency of basic qualities of college graduates in China.

   During the sharing session, director Zheng shares the history of Amore cosmetics corporation in China and he holds the idea that the contemporary young people should have goals or dreams, and they should have dreams to self-realize themselves and help others and to give happiness to people around in order to create a good social environment. Director Zheng believes that college graduates in China have deficiency in the following three aspects: integrity, unity and responsibility. He wishes that college education should pay attention to the training of the three basic qualities above.

   Director Zheng believes that right values, outlook on life and world outlook are very important to the growth and development of college students. Zheng believes that we should pay attention to cultivating students' professional view in particular, and tell them to know that all occupations are equal and without distinction and all professions are valuable and are worthy of respect as long as it is to serve colleagues, customers, family, society and the State. Finally, director Zheng wishes that we can cultivate outstanding talents in SNUTC.

   The sharing session not only put forward proposals to school's talent training, but also enlightens teachers present to think for their teaching and for themselves.

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  The sharing session

  The sharing session


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