SOM Invites Senior Investment Expert from Canada to Give Lecture on Investment Finance

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   SOM invites Mr. Song Jing, first head of Department of Economics and Management of SNUTC and senior investment expert from Canada, to carry out a lecture titled “Finance and investment hotspots and its basic methods” on October 19, 2015. Mr. Song engaged in financial investment for a long period of time and has rich practical experience and had taught in our school for 7 years. He delivered a brilliant lecture for teachers and students present.

   During the lecture, Mr. Song first pointed out the Chinese view towards wealth from the traditional concept of Chinese to wealth view so as to bring the hot products of finance and investment in China, such as stocks, funds, bonds, futures. He also gave related investment sentiment with his real investment experience. Finally, Mr. Song pointed out that qualified investors should have the ability of independent thinking, professional knowledge reserves, psychological training and practice of operation skills. He also gave relevant suggestions to SOM on talent cultivation.

   The lecture was hosted by Cheng Baoqing, Dean of SOM. Teachers of SOM and students of financial management major attended the lecture. Finally, the Dean put forward the earnest expectation to students at present.

  Mr. Song Jing is giving lecture

  Teachers and students are listening attentively


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