“Light of Wisdom” Serial Lectures No.4: Perspective on the Success of Amazon and Its Marketing Strategy

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   The “Light of Wisdom” serial lectures No.4 began at Performance Hall of Huihua Building in the afternoon of November 26, 2015. Tu Yanbin, marketing professor of Robert Morris University Business School and Doctor of Business Management of University of Connecticut gave an academic lecture titled “Perspective on the Success of Amazon and Its Marketing Strategy” for 300 teachers and students from SOM.
   Dr. Tu Yanbin first introduces the present situation of the Amazon Inc. Amazon headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington State. Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the United States. Amazon's sales revenue reached $31 billion in 2013. The revenue is about one fifth of the top 100 e-commerce retail companies after Amazon in the United States.
   Through the classic theory of marketing, Dr. Tu Yanbin gave an in-depth analysis to Amazon's product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, promotion strategy as well as the challenges Amazon are facing., The main characteristics of Amazon's marketing strategy is to selling a variety of products, including other brands and its own brands with price as low as possible, such as consumer electronics, digital music and Amazon games. The sales channels are mainly through online ordering and rapid logistics. At the same time, Amazon also faces challenges of its competitors, including Apple, eBay, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other companies. It’s also need to further improve the conditions of its staff, products, sales tax, innovation and investments.
   After the lecture, Ye Caifu, principal of SNUTC gave a certificate of gratitude to Dr. Tu Yanbin for his visit and wonderful speech.
   The lecture content of Dr. Tu Yanbin is rich, academic and enlightening, which won applause of teachers and students present. The lecture let majority of teachers and students understand the history and future trend of e-commerce in the United States and have an in-depth understanding to differences and similarities of e-commerce between China and the United States, which enhances international vision and sense of innovation of teachers and students. The lecture is considered as deep and meaningful by teachers and students.

  Dr. Tu Yanbin is giving lecture


  Dr. Tu Yanbin is giving lecture

Ye Caifu, principal of SNUTC is giving a certificate of gratitude to Dr. Tu Yanbin  


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